The Pickers Union is located in the industrial area, and now thriving tech hub, of North Geelong.

Owning a café had been a long-term dream for owners, Bek and Sev. They had all the right pieces between them to get it off the ground; Bek’s knack for out-of-the-box food and drink creations, coupled with Sev’s quest for the perfect bite and handiness on the tools, had them poised for the right opportunity. Melbourne, where the couple were based, looked a likely destination for their dream café. But when the Geelong Vintage Market needed a food offering to complement its day trip-style vintage market, it seemed like the perfect match. The Pickers Union was born. From humble beginnings, Sev and Bek built (literally, Sev being a carpenter at the time) the original fitout from recycled timber and vintage pieces picked from the market.  

It wasn’t long before they were a constant feature in local press and appeared on <Getaway>. Bek has always been inspired by American-style sweets and word spread like wildfire when Pickers introduced that U.S.-flair to Geelong. The café was bursting at the seams, and it soon became clear Pickers would need to expand further out into the market. In 2016, the venue was kitted out with a new and improved kitchen, and revamped with a Palm Springs-inspired fitout and branding.

Since then Sev, Bek and The Pickers Union team have gone from strength to strength. In late 2017, Bek launched an event styling and catering company called Pebbles Parties. We now do all sorts of catering and events onsite and offsite for offices, families, meetings, weddings, parties and more.

After six awesome years, at The Pickers Union we’re still striving for excellence and dreaming big for the future of our beautiful corner of Geelong!

The Pickers Union is considered by many the best cafe in North Geelong. This Geelong cafe specialises in a unique cuisine inspired by American taste platters offering events, catering and renowned lunches. The Pickers Union is your place for hosting events, exquisite catering services and an unforgettable in-house dining cafe experience.